September 2017
My 'Sweet Chestnut Tree' drawing is selected for the Society of Graphic Fine Artists (SGFA) exhibition, which is due to take place at the old Menier Chocolate Factory (53 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU) from Mon. 2nd to Saturday 14th October 2017.
I highly recommend the SGFA exhibitions if you are at all interested in drawing (

June 2016
Also finished my Sweet Chestnut Tree drawing, it was an exhausting exercise altogether but well worth the concentration! And for those who ask "How long does it take....." That piece of work took 9 months from seeing the trees and photographing them, to finished drawing.
Free of the Sweet Chestnut, my Heron drawing is now under way, and will form a matching pair together with the Nesting Swan drawing - because they are both set in the same woodland/canal bank place.

January 2016
A growing collection of small furniture items is amassing in my garden shed, all destined to be painted and decorated.Bargeware and decorative patterns are planned, just as soon as I have the time.

August 2015
Came across some wonderful giant, ancient, sweet chestnut trees whilst walking in the Surrey Hills, another drawing is now in progress.

June 2015
The raft, abandoned since last year by the swans, is used by the heron as an ideal fishing spot, he caught a large perch whilst I was standing watching with camera in hand, so another drawing is planned. It's interesting that two such elegant types of birds have chosen the same lovely canal-bank setting to pose for me!

February 2015
Taken some more 'reflections' photographs, there were strange formations in the early morning ice, which I have never seen before, every day is different.

May 2014
Added my finished 'Nesting Swan drawing to the Canal Gallery.

April 2014
Added my 'Oil Spill' drawing to the Drawings Gallery, as a work in progress.

February 2014
Added 'Bargewoman' drawing to the gallery, a pencil drawing inspired by a photograph in my Historic Narrowboat Club newsletter.

September 2013
Started to produce some highly decorative and colourful painted furniture, a wooden high stool and round wooden coffee table are currently 'in production"

July 2013
Our swans have nested on an old rusty raft, and hatched 3 of their 4 eggs providing an ongoing distraction from my other work whilst I photographed, sketched and just watched them on their nest, another 'swan' work is on the drawing board.

Annual visits to the traditional Narrowboat gatherings at Little Venice, resulted this year in a number of oil paintings, alongside a series of drawings currently inspired by these boats and by my local Basingstoke Canal and River Wey environment.

My drawing "Toad" selected for the annual Pastel Society exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

My pastel painting "White Jug" Selected for the Vivartis Autumn Arts exhibition at Witley, Surrey.

My drawing "Bee" Shortlisted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year' prize 2009, exhibited at the Mall Galleries in Central London.